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PRP's Most Popular Posts of 2018

Chris Piehler
December 28, 2018

Before we plunge head-first into 2019, we here at PRP are taking a moment to look back at the year that was. We were constantly impressed and inspired by the stories that our clients and their users shared with us, and we told some stories of our own on this very blog. 


Top Posts


Our most popular blog posts of the year were written by our own writers as well as a variety of educators, and they covered topics including PR, marketing, social media, and yes, mindfulness. Just click on the links below to join us on a stroll down Memory Lane, and we'll be back with new posts in the new year!

  1. Pitching Through the Millennia
  2. 5 PR Strategies that Cost Companies in Education Market Nothing
  3. Mindfulness 201: The Power of the Here and Now
  4. “Frickin’ Packets!” & A Lesson for EdTech Products
  5. 5 Social Media No-Nos in Education


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