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Leverage the trust that social media influencers and speakers have created with your audience. 

Set the Stage


In the education market, relationships are everything. Reach educators through the voices they listen to.


Educators listen to educators. They seek guidance from knowledgeable industry veterans.


It takes a long time to build a reputation. Take a shortcut to breaking into established communities.


Meet your buyers where they are — on the social networks and communities where they trade teaching tech.


Cut through the noise. Influencers help educators know who’s “legit” and who’s full of baloney.


Target your audience. Find the right influencers for the niche communities where you really belong.

As an administrator - I always enjoyed the approach PRP took when working with Ed Tech companies and their thoughtfulness towards educational leaders. They really value partnerships in education, not just sales. That authenticity has kept me coming back for more over the years and I’ve enjoyed the connections I’ve made through PRP for both my district and my career.

Carl Hooker

Educator | Speaker | Consultant
Author of Ready Set FAIL! | Host of the Undistupted and Learning Unleashed Podcasts
"PR with Panache! is a terrific partner in highlighting our students' and staff's successes. PR with Panache! has organized and coordinated district events, state conferences, and regional summits for the Meriden Public Schools. With PR with Panache! you can count on exceptional organization and technical expertise—with a smile! Whenever our district needs support, we know we can count on Jacob and the dedicated PR with Panache! team."
Mark D. Benigni, Ed.D.

Mark Benigni
Superintendent of Schools Meriden Public Schools | CT 2015 EdWeek Leader to Learn From

We know how to leverage influencers to elevate a storytelling campaign.

Influencers are trailblazers who help you earn brand awareness and credibility with an audience who know and trust them. Connect with us to learn how we integrate influencers into our PR campaigns. 

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