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Education Stories in the Press

Get the coverage that matters most.

We craft narratives that resonate with education editors, ed-beat journalists, and edtech audiences.

Start a Conversation

Never throw spaghetti at the wall

Together, we will identify what your prospects are really looking for in a partner and leverage the right chapters of your story to facilitate strong connections between your brand and the educators you look to serve.


Education Press

Interested in reaching your buyers directly in education-focused publications?

Shape your story and create opportunities to share it in trusted education industry publications, read by superintendents, CEOs, Curriculum Directors, Technology Directors, or whomever you need to reach. We know how these publications work and how to get you noticed.

P.S. Not sure who your audience is? We'll help you find that out.

Education Media


Consumer Press

Interested in expanding awareness across the nation or in your community?

Reach your target persona at scale through national media that reaches a broad audience, or targetted local media coverage that builds awareness and generates buzz in a district or community.

Editors love working with PRP because we consistently deliver popular stories their readers love.

Consumer Media

Build Authority in the Education Market

Our industry is relationship-based. Those relationships are built on trust that begins with understanding the needs of your audience and proving that you have their best interests at heart. Educators and administrators talk. Let's make sure they're saying the right things.


Highlight Customer Voice

You have stories that matter to your target audience. But, you need to know how to find them and how to get them in front of that audience. That's where we come in.


Form Long-Term Relationships.

Every article and product mention is more than a backlink — it's an opportunity to build a lasting online presence and reach a wider audience. We find and share the stories that stick. 


Are You Newsworthy?

From product launches to funding rounds, your announcements are news your audience wants to hear — if you craft the right narrative. Engage your prospects in a way that positions you not just as a vendor, but as a stakeholder in their success. That's why we're here.


What story do you want to tell?

Building trust isn’t easy. Today’s sophisticated buyers want a personalized experience, so the path to success lies in a willingness to listen, learn, and be helpful.

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