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HubSpot Education Partner

Data that fuels marketing intelligence

HubSpot: Our favorite platform for education marketing intelligence since 2015.

PRP Group is an award-winning PR and Marketing Intelligence firm specifically serving the pre-K—12 and higher education markets. Our experience in this market-led us to seek out the best tool for data-driven education companies and organizations. We've consistently found that HubSpot's platform provides the most advanced yet user-friendly analytics and automation tools.

PRP is proud to have been a HubSpot certified agency Platinum Partner, fluent in the HubSpot tech stack.

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Yes, this website was built on HubSpot.

We walk the walk. We built this site with our favorite platform, after our Marketing Strategy Bootcamp.

Learn more about HubSpot for education.

We speak the education language and can align the right strategies with the unique buying cycles and decision-making processes in both the higher education and PreK-12 markets. Are you looking for a partner? Reach out! let's craft the next chapter of your success together!

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