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Education's Publications

We know what education leaders read.

Focused PR for PreK-12 and Higher Ed

Get intentional with targeted messaging that pinpoints your buyers' needs and zeros in on the publications they read.

The right attention > more attention.

Be more than a vendor. Be a stakeholder in your buyer's success. Leverage the right chapters of your story to facilitate strong connections between your brand and the educators you look to serve. 

Target Market
Education Media

Knowledge + relationships = results.

Years of editorial experience and deep industry connections make the perfect combination for delivering high-quality stories in the most important publications for your business.

PRP Group has built relationships with the editors and reporters running the publications that education readers frequent. That relationship is the difference between your story pitch or press release getting read – or deleted without opening. I’ve worked with PRP for seven years. I trust their knowledge and quality of work. It’s why I will always answer when I see Jacob or Chris’s number on my phone or email in my inbox.
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Kanoe Namahoe

Tell your education story

Broadcast your customers' big wins

Tell the stories of educators who’ve done incredible work using your product or service.

Spotlight your thought leadership

Help steer the future of education through thought leadership and meaningful interviews.

Educate your audience

Leverage your big announcements to keep the industry up to speed.

Earn mindshare

When your stories resonate with your target audience, they'll want to learn more.

Stay top of mind

Build relationships and a long-term media strategy that keeps your brand in front of your buyers.

Compel action

Tell the powerful stories of how your product impacts educators’ lives.

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