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Our Story Ideation and Discovery Process

Effective PR is all about telling the right stories, at the right times, in the right media, to the right audience.

At PRP, we have decades of experience working with education leaders to understand how to pitch, place, and tell impactful stories.

The Process

Through an impactful mix of workshops, exploratory interviews, and education expertise, we uncover and refine the stories that will resonate with the editors and compel action with your target audience.

Get in touch to learn more about our story ideation and discovery process.

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Why Stories Matter 

Stories are one of the only forms of advertising we actively seek out. When we open our news feed apps or scroll through Twitter, we're not looking for sales pitches — we're looking for compelling narratives that capture our imaginations.

The best stories stay with us long after we read them. That's why at PRP, we find the chapters in your story that capture hearts as well as clicks.

Recent Stories

This is what good storytelling looks like.

At PRP, we take pride in our work. Publishers trust us to deliver the stories their readers and viewers will love.

EdWeek PRP Mockup 2

‘Learning Loss, in General, Is a Misnomer': Study Shows Kids Made Progress During COVID-19

Reaching #1 in a top education publication.

Through our process, we developed this story featuring our client Renaissance. Out of all the articles published, it became one of few to reach the top-read article of the week on EdWeek.

Read By Administrators Everywhere

The story was picked up by Smartbrief and became the number 1 most-read story by administrators as well. Next, Smartbrief picked up the article. It became the number #1 most-read story by administrators as well.

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USA Today PRP Mockup 2

'Rugrats,' 'Wild Thornberrys' exec tackles animated series on teen suicide, mental health

Saving lives through animation, a universal language.

PRP worked with the Cook Center for Human Connection to spread the word about a new, award-winning animated series aimed at teen suicide prevention. The series received broad coverage in major news outlets.

Reaching Students and Parents

My Life is Worth Living is the first series of its kind and has been featured in USA Today, Teen Vogue, ABC, and other channels.

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Recent Stories We Helped To Tell