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Relationship-Driven Storytellers for the Education Market

Craft compelling narratives and understand your audience with Public Relations and Marketing Intelligence for PreK—12 and higher ed

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Trusted Experience

PRP has more than 40 years of combined education marketing and PR experience. We can help you understand who your buyer personas are and how to reach them.


Years in education PR and marketing


EdTech Leadership Awards for Best PR Firm since 2015


Client renewal rate over the last 2 years


1 Senior Lead for every client

Using targeted media coverage to inspire schools across the nation to put student mental health first.
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Build trust with education
decision makers.

Get noticed by the right people in the right places.

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Our approach centers on knowing your audience so that every story becomes part of a custom buyer's journey and the start of a trusted relationship.

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We love our client family

We're honored to support the efforts of innovators who are changing lives through education.

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The PRP team has a combined 40+ years in education Public Relations and Marketing Intelligence. If you'd like to learn more, say hello! We can help you find out what PR and Marketing Intelligence can do for you (and what the difference is), click here

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Data-driven Storytelling for the Education Market

Our data-driven approach earns you meaningful attention from important decision-makers when you appear in the publications they read and respect.

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Key Messaging and Custom Journeys through Data

Marketing Intelligence starts with understanding your audience. Get answers to questions like: Who are my gatekeepers? What are their roles, challenges, and goals? What information do they need to see, and when, and where?

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What Our Partners Are Saying


Education technology is a noisy market. Getting your message heard above that noise means putting it in the hands of people who have the relationships and capability to make that happen. That’s PRP. Jacob, Chris, and the rest of the team have a deep knowledge of this market – with all its nuances – to help you fashion your message so that it resonates. They know what’s important to the educator's teaching, leading, and guiding decisions. And they how to position that message to education outlets.

Kanoe Namahoe, Smartbrief

PRP Group is a terrific partner in highlighting our students' and staff's successes. PRP Group has organized and coordinated district events, state conferences, and regional summits for the Meriden Public Schools. With PRP Group you can count on exceptional organization and technical expertise—with a smile! Whenever our district needs support, we know we can count on Jacob and the dedicated PR with Panache! Team.

Mark D. Benigni, Ed.D., Meriden Public Schools

We love working with Jacob and the team at PRP! Their knowledge of the industry, attention to detail, and creative approach has helped Renaissance achieve positive results with both media coverage and award recognition.

Sarah DiFrancesco, Renaissance

As an administrator - I always enjoyed the approach PRP took when working with Ed Tech companies and their thoughtfulness towards educational leaders. They really value partnerships in education, not just sales. That authenticity has kept me coming back for more over the years and I’ve enjoyed the connections I’ve made through PRP for both my district and my career.
Carl Hooker, Podcaster, Partner, PRP Partner, Entrepreneur, Speaker
CedarLabs simplifies a complicated school state-reporting process. We needed a marketing partner who knew the K12 education space and understood this process, so they could message it to our audience. First, PRP took us through a strategy phase to learn about the education decision-makers we needed to target, and how to reach them. Then they delivered a modern site with custom user journeys for that audience. The work was fantastic. I appreciated their communication, expertise, and rapid turnaround time.
Ben Silberglitt, CedarLabs
"PRP's award-winning marketing team has been an incredible asset to the Brooklyn Preschool of Science. When Covid forced many early childhood centers to close, they gave me the resolve to stay true to my path and vision. My bi-weekly meetings with Chris Piehler have convinced me they are the best PR professionals in education. Chris manages to implement a beautiful framework that genuinely feels like an organic collaboration that makes me think he is a part of my team. Working with Chris shows how a balance of humor, positive energy, easy smile and enthusiasm that’s infectious make me look forward to what is to come. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a new outlook when marketing their brand."
— Carmelo Piazza, Executive Director, Brooklyn Preschool of Science
"Marketing intelligence is so important for any company in the education space right now, and PRP’s process was perfect for us. We wanted someone who really understood the market to help us validate some of our assumptions and tell us what they thought we were missing... The Bootcamp and Launchpad Blueprint went above and beyond anything we had expected. PRP helped us better understand our client personas and how to craft our messaging to reach them. They validated ideas we had talked about for a long time and gave us direction to help us get started. They also challenged us on areas we were missing and that we were kicking ourselves for not having in place — but it took hearing it from PRP to make it real. PRP also helped us see opportunities that we’d only really considered in the abstract before."
— Taylor Smith and Morgan Battle, Managing Directors, Tucker Capital

Award-Winning Work

We're proud to have been consistently recognized for our achievements in education PR. However, every success starts with our Client Family and their dedication to understanding the education market and solving real problems.

EdTech Digest Leadership Award Winner 2015
EdTech Digest Leadership Award Winner 2016
EdTech Digest Leadership Award Finalist 2017
The Tech Edvocate Finalist Best PR Firm 2020
The Tech Edvocate Winner Best PR Firm 2017
The Tech Edvocate Winner Best PR Firm 2018
American Consortium For Equity In Education Premier Supporter
The Edtech Awards Leadership Finalist 2020
The Edtech Awards Leadership Finalist 2021
EdTech Digest Leadership Award Winner 2018
EdTech Digest Leadership Award Winner 2019