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The Best Podcasts for Education Sales and Marketing Innovators

Chris Mills
March 11, 2022

Who is your buyer? The education market is complex. It’s hard to know who you need to reach, or how to reach them. Even before the pandemic, educators and administrators had rapidly changing needs as technologies changed what was possible in education. In the past two years, these changes have accelerated.

At PRP, we’ve helped companies reach the education market for more than a decade. If you create, market, or sell products for the pre-K–12 education market, you need to know your buyers, and know them well! 

Podcasts are a fantastic medium that provide ways for all of us to hear directly from our ideal customers. The unfiltered format helps you understand how they think, what they worry about, and how to talk to them. To save you the time of scrolling through lists of podcasts, we’ve put together a list of our favorites that are specific to the education market.

Here are our favorite must-listen podcasts for edtech marketing and sales professionals who want to stay on top of industry happenings.

Best Podcast for Edtech Entrepreneurs 

All Things Marketing and Education


Elana Leoni helps education brands build awareness and engagement. In All Things, she talks with educators, edtech entrepreneurs, and experts about education, social media, content marketing, and community building. What makes this podcast great is Elana’s talent for explaining complex topics—whether you’re just breaking into the industry or you’ve been here for years.

Listen Now > 

Best Podcast for Education Marketing Intelligence and PR

The Education Insider Podcast with PRP


Shameless Plug: Yes, it’s us! Join us for conversations with pre-K–12 leaders and the people who support them in making big decisions about how to use edtech to advance teaching and learning. What makes The Education Insider stand out is our unique blend of insider guests, from edtech journalists to school administrators.

Listen Now >

Best Podcast About Teaching with Tech

Learning Unleashed by ISTE Radio


Learning Unleashed is ISTE’s podcast for education innovators. It’s hosted by Carl Hooker (full disclosure: Carl has been a guest on The Education Insider as well, and partners with PRP Group’s Knowledge Network). Unleashed shares strategies for teaching with education technology, along with some personal insights from ISTE’s authors.

Listen Now > 

Best Podcast About Edtech, Reading, and Literacy

Literacy Talks by Reading Horizons


Experts Stacy, Donell, and Lindsay talk about transforming the science of reading into successful classroom practice. They share their own experiences and deep insights about current topics in literacy instruction and reading development. But it’s not only educators who can benefit from this podcast — if you create literacy products, Literacy Talks will help you appreciate your end-users, and develop real solutions for the classroom.

Listen Now >

Best Podcast about Equity and Access in the Edtech Market

Listen: Equity and Access Podcast

Larry Jacobs is the voice of the American Consortium for Equity in Education. He hosts discussions with innovative educators, thought leaders, and authors. The goal? To “promote equity, access and opportunity for every student in every school.” Why it’s a must-listen? Equity, access, and opportunity are as important for edtech solutions providers as they are for educators. 

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Best Podcast about the Future of Education



Jeff Young and the EdSurge team talk with educators, tech innovators, and scholars about the future of education. Every day, innovative educators and solution providers change what’s possible in education. If you want to stay ahead of the curve (and the competition), you’ve got to be thinking about the future. 

Listen Now >

Best Podcast about Edtech Trends

Easy Edtech Podcast


Listen to interviews (and the occasional rockin’ solo episode) with an edtech expert. Learn about trends in edtech, tech-friendly lesson ideas, and strategies for community-building. This is a podcast to follow if you want to get inside the minds of educators, so that you can serve them better.

Listen Now >

Best Podcast forTech Coaches and Instructional Tech Specialists

Ask the Tech Coach


Jeff Bradbury of the TeacherCast Educational Network and Sue Vincentz of Tech Imaginations discuss topics in educational technology. Their goal: “to support tech coaches and instructional technology specialists.” If that’s your goal as well, give this one a listen (and a five-star review). 

Listen Now >

Best Podcast AboutEdtech Resources

Edtech Club

Learn about tech tools and resources, big ideas, useful tips, and more with educators and experts. By listening to the Edtech Club, you’ll understand what tools your buyers’ use, what they’re looking for, and where you fit.

Listen Now >

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