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Marketing Intelligence for Education Companies

Dive deep with education marketing experts into who your buyers are, where and how you’ll reach them, and what to say when you do.

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What is Marketing Intelligence?


Marketing Intelligence is the difference between selling and building a relationship. Technically, it's information about an organization's target audience used to develop targeted messaging and customized user experiences. But really, it's empathy. Marketing Intelligence centers on your key buyers and stakeholders—rather than general statements about your products' features.


Why Marketing Intelligence?

Educators want to know that you've done your homework.

Most ads go unnoticed. Cold emails get deleted (or sent to spam.) Cold calls... ugh. But every now and then, a message catches your eye. So you click the link. You hit "subscribe. Why? It's what you're looking for. It solves your exact problem. Those concerns you had? They're addressed right on the front page! Maybe you weren't quite ready to buy, but they had the perfect free trial. And then? They followed up just the right way at just the right time.

Understand Your Audience

Buyers expect personalized messaging and customized experiences. Answer their "why?"

Key Messaging


80% of consumers seek personalized branding. Can you tell your buyers "I know exactly what you're looking for, and here's the solution?" 

Buyer Personas

40% of consumers spend more to feel understood. Do educators trust that you'll solve their problems?

Customer Journeys

48% of consumers exit sites that aren't customized. Does your audience have a clear path to find what they need?

Authentic Relationships

46% of consumers won't buy if you don't "get it." Make sure you know what you're talking about.

A Marketing Strategy Roadmap for the Education Space

Targeted Personas

Who are your buyers and gatekeepers? Identify their roles. Create custom buyer personas and key messaging that builds trust.

Custom Journeys

Get serious about your marketing and sales pipelines. Create custom digital journeys that move prospects from "never-heard-of-you" to "can't-stop-talking-about-you."

Discovery Calls

Sometimes the biggest A-HA! moments can come from current clients, customers, and stakeholders. What won't they tell you directly?

REAL Buyers

Join the Knowledge Network to hear directly from the education leaders, editors, and influencers who represent your buyer personas.

Marketing Intelligence Roadmap

Take action with a comprehensive guide to your next steps. Launch personalized digital journeys and custom messaging for your unique market.

Trusted Relationships

Our Roadmap is the blueprint you need to start building stronger relationships with your education audience. 

Ask us about our unique Knowledge Network for education vendors.

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Knowledge Network

Do you know why someone didn't land on your site? Or, why that curriculum director changed her mind? What do teachers think of those social posts you worked so hard on? Don't you wish you could ask them? In partnership with thought leader Carl Hooker, PRP Group developed a network of real, active administrators and educators. Much more than a focus group, the Knowledge Network provides key insights that have never been available before.

PRP Carl
PRP Boots-1

Education Marketing Intelligence Bootcamp

The education market is unique, complex, and competitive. Our Strategy Bootcamp is built for education leaders and marketers launching new products, hitting roadblocks, or planning a major rebrand or relaunch. Over the course of six weeks, you’ll attend weekly online workshops with our education marketing experts, all focused on your key messaging, buyer personas, and customer journeys.

Launchpad Blueprint

At the end of every Strategy Bootcamp, we hand you a detailed roadmap. Much more than a marketing plan, our Launchpad Blueprint gives you everything you need to take off. Whether you continue on your journey with PRP or you set off on your own, you'll have a guide full of buyer personas, key messaging, customer journeys, and actionable steps to put it all together.

PRP Launch

What are they reading?

Can you pick out your top persona and tell us all about them? If not, you need Marketing Intelligence.

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