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Introduction to Education Public Relations

A PR Starter Guide for Education Companies and Non-Profits

Learn how we help companies and nonprofits tell compelling stories to the education and edtech media.

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“People don't necessarily realize PR is really everything that you do. It's the perception that you give from your actions and from your words. That can be from your customer service reps, your spokespeople, or your sales staff.”
Kristen Plemon

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What Make PR for Education Different?

Education PR involves creating and sharing stories with education-focused media and influencers. It differs from traditional consumer PR in a number of ways.

What's Different About Education PR?


What do we do?

The biggest education companies and nonprofits work with specialized PR firms (that’s us!) to tell their stories. We help our client family craft targeted messaging, get in the press, connect with influencers, create crisis communications plans, train executives for media interviews, and more.  

Storytelling with PRP


Why Storytellers?

At PRP Group, Education PR is more than pitching articles or writing press releases. We build relationships with editors and educators. We understand your audience. We stay on top of the latest news. And then we put it all together to craft compelling narratives.

Our Story Ideation Process


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PRP helps some of the top education companies reach their buyers through the power of storytelling. Ask about joining our client family and sharing our goal of transforming students' and educators' lives.

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