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Reach audiences in local and national media

Our expert consumer education media team crafts storytelling campaigns that reach broad audiences through the media they read, watch, and listen to daily.

Specializing in Consumer Media for Education

Our Consumer Media team specializes in the education market.

Reach your audience in the right place

Connect with teachers, parents, and administrators in the right locations to maximize results.

Build the platform you want

We understand how to craft the right story about your company that local editors, producers, and personalities want to publish.

Get a seat at the table

We put your customers, company, and product front-and-center in the most important local and national education publications.

Earn the attention you’re looking for

We identify the best opportunities to tell your story in the places that will have the biggest impact for your goals.

Keep your edge

When you’re in a competitive space, being first matters. See your brand in the news, not your competitors.

Create evergreen content

A featured story in the right major media outlet can be a valuable asset you can share for months and even years to come.

Start telling your biggest stories to your biggest audiences.

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Featured Stories

Check out a sample of stories that moved the needle for our Client Family in Consumer Media.

cook center calm room

A Special Donation

When Wallenpaupack Area High School was selected for a calm room grant through the nonprofit Cook Center for Human Connection. they told their story in the local ABC affiliate.

Case Study

Dr. Chandra Pemmasani

An Inspiring Life Story

UWorld founder Dr. Chandra Pemmasani tells Forbes the story of his childhood in India, to his work as a doctor, to founding a company earning $100+ million dollars annually.

Theme (1)

Advancing Careers

When Muzzy Lane received the 2022 Gold Learning Impact Award for their work on XCredit, they told Mentors Collective how a new generation of simulations can uncover skills that employees may not even know they have. 

Share your story widely

Let’s start planning your national media coverage strategy.
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