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Inside the minds and daily lives of decision-makers in the education market.

Education Insider

The podcast for education innovators.

Join us for conversations with PreK—12 school and district leaders about ed-tech, curricula, and the big decisions they make every day.

Jacob Hanson

Jacob is the co-founder and CEO of PRP Group. He interviews innovative educators and administrators about how they tackle the challenges of modern education, and how they make buying decisions.

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Chris Piehler
Chris Piehler

Chris is the lead storyteller at PRP Group. He interviews editors, journalists, and publishers about how to craft and pitch the most compelling education stories in the most coveted publications.

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Chris Mills
Production Coordinator

Chris is the marketing intelligence lead at PRP Group. He leads Strategy Bootcamps and writes Launchpad Blueprints. Chris plans each season and edits and publishes episodes.

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A lot of the work of what this podcast is about is what does the inside of K-12 look like? What is it that makes us tick and what are the challenges that we're facing especially when it comes to like messaging and, and questions from, from vendors and, and businesses that are like, "Hey, why am I not getting any responses from these guys?"


Carl Hooker
Co-host of the UnDisrupted Podcast, Education Insider Guest, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, former District Director of Innovation and Digital Learning

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