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Building Relationships to Improve Education

Jacob Hanson
February 4, 2022

Although I may be the only Hanson in the office on a daily basis now, PRP will always be a family business with deep roots in the worlds of Education and PR. PRP’s founder, my mother Sue Hanson, was a high school teacher before entering the world of PR as the first community relations director for the Minnesota Twins baseball team. Since founding the company together in 2012, we have operated under the belief that when given access to quality education, all children will succeed.

Today that culture carries on in the fact that PRP has even more former educators on staff than when Sue was in the office every day, along with a bullpen of world-class communicators from the worlds of PR, journalism, and marketing, and it’s reflected in our company values, which include:

Act with integrity—We do the right thing no matter what;

Education is Empowering—The work we do with the members of our client family empowers educators and learners;

We are passionate—The status quo is never enough.

We engage our village—We leverage the strength of the PRP village to best serve each other, education, and the members of our client family;

We are curious—We dig for the answers in order to deliver results through the marriage of art, industry knowledge, and data;

We are dazzlingly reliable—We take the initiative to lead our relationships efficiently and effectively in order to exceed expectations; and

We are adaptable—As the needs of our client family, team members, and market are continually evolving we adjust to these transitions and seek out new solutions.

New PRP Logo Announcement

To better reflect these values, we’ve recently made a lot of changes. The most visible is certainly our rebranding from PR with Panache! to the PRP Group. More substantially, we’ve reorganized internally to create teams laser-focused on areas such as education trade publications, consumer PR, and Marketing Intelligence to best serve the members of our client family. Most importantly, we’ve added new services and expanded some of our existing offerings to ensure that our clients put the right message in front of the right audience at the right time — Marketing Intelligence.

There’s not a secret recipe, no silver bullet of keywords to put in an email subject line, no snazzy graphic design on an ad, and no 30-second sound bite heard in a podcast that will magically juice sales. Marketing Intelligence is about understanding the customer, actually empathizing with them and their challenges so that you can share your relevant expertise and solutions within a relationship built on trust and understanding.

PRP Homepage Cutout

Of course, storytelling still has a place in business communications. 

Stories invite listeners and readers to identify with their protagonists, to worry over their challenges and celebrate their successes, to see themselves in the main characters’ struggles, and to believe we can achieve similar accomplishments. Stories invite us to empathize with each other.

So please, take a look around our new site! We hope you’ll find a few ideas that will inspire you to build better relationships with your clients. Maybe someday we can build our own relationship together and help you make a difference in education.

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