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3 Things to Have in Your Back-to-School Marketing Backpack

August 28, 2018

By: Amber Bullis

The back-to-school season can put fear into the heart of any education business. It’s often a chaotic and stressful (but exciting!) time of year. We’re here to help you with a trio of things every marketer in education should include in their marketing backpack this fall.


1.) An understanding of budget cycles and available funding streams

It’s important to stay on top of education legislation and any potential changes in funding streams. Researching specific funding can be difficult, since districts receive a mix of funding from local, state, and federal dollars. There are big differences among states, districts, and even schools.


Start by reviewing new laws and legislation at the national level through the Department of Education. If you have a large customer or prospect base in a particular state, it will also be important to review policies at the state or local level.


Not only will you be better able to understand when you can expect more business, but you’ll also be able to provide valuable expertise to your customers and prospects. Anytime you can establish yourself as the expert, you’ll gain more trust (and more customers that stay happy!)


2.) New marketing messages 

You likely spent the summer months marketing to administrators and other year-long staff instead of to teachers who aren’t available in the summer months. (Still need help making sure your message fits your buyer? Check out our buyer personas infographic to learn how to create stronger marketing messages).


Download: The Path to Powerful Content Creation Infographic


Now that teachers are available again, revisit your marketing messages. Teachers and other support staff are often not the ultimate purchasing decision-makers, but never underestimate the power they have as influencers! Depending on your product, it may even be worth creating a teacher-specific campaign.


3.) Your reviewed marketing goals 

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that we’re firm believers in setting goals for your marketing efforts and continuously revisiting them to help set your strategy. The start of a new school year is the perfect time to revisit the goals you likely set in January.


Look at the goals you’ve met or exceeded, and also those that need a bit more TLC before the year comes to a close. And remember, it’s okay to reset goals if the summer gave you new perspectives, ideas, or results.


Good luck as you enter one of the busiest times of years for the education industry. We’re rooting for you, and always available to help!


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