Compelling Campaigns That Tell Your Unique Story
Breathe new life into your brand with our award-winning combination of storytelling and inbound marketing!

Who doesn’t want engaged, educated, and highly interested leads? Strategic inbound and integrated marketing create significant value for your company and your prospects—all the while building awareness of and trust in your brand. The education industry is prime for a buyer-centric approach to marketing.

Education decision-makers have many challenges and limited time. They are looking to leverage your company’s expertise, thought leadership, and solutions to help make their jobs easier.

Offering timely, relevant, and dynamic content to these decision-makers not only earns their mindshare and ultimately their trust, but also positions you as more than a simple solution provider. You become the partner they want and need to improve teaching and learning. Not only does this approach help them, it helps you identify their true pain points, their timeline for addressing them, and ultimately, what your prospects truly need from your company.


Inbound marketing pulls people towards your products and solutions in a natural, helpful, and non-disruptive manner. By connecting your buyer’s issues and concerns with the content you create, you’ll effortlessly attract prospects to nurture through the sales funnel, turning your website into your most effective lead-generation, content-sharing and data-collection tool. 


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When planning any storytelling or marketing campaign, we start by working with you to set smart, attainable, and measurable goals. Reviewing current analytics, your existing content and collateral, and customer acquisition and lead segmentation strategies will give our teams a complete understanding of your current situation. We then identify quick wins as well as align our overall strategy to the areas that will make the largest impact on your key performance indicators and your bottom line.

Before we launch any campaign, we put the right analytics tools in place to track progress and results so that we learn from each piece of content created in order to continuously achieve stronger outcomes and maximize ROI.

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There are many chapters to your story: messaging and branding, your company culture, the effective solutions you provide, your vision for the future, and how you are perceived within the education industry. PR with Panache! develops strong partnerships with each member of its client family to develop your authentic and trustworthy voice. We then leverage that voice to create thoughtful, targeted campaigns that delight your target audience, drive engagement, and increase sales.

PRP will consistently create content your prospects need and want, reinforcing the credibility and expertise of your business throughout the entire sales cycle. You will drive engagement and increase site conversions by leveraging a variety of content:

Blogs                                   • Content/Editorial Calendars

Website Copy                    • Graphic CTAs

 Infographics                      • Lead Conversion Paths

 eBooks                               • Video/Animation

Micrographics                   • Custom Graphics

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Making the most out of data means focusing attention on the right insights and using that information to learn what’s really working—and what's isn’t. Once PRP has crafted your compelling story, we continuously gather insights into the “why” behind the “what,” using that information to make data-driven decisions to build upon initial successes that continually deliver the results you deserve. 

Aligning content creation and dissemination with appropriate analytics tools allows us to continually monitor the effectiveness of each individual piece of content’s effectiveness in the eyes of your prospects. Regularly reviewing and interpreting this data empowers us help you optimize each conversion path housed on your website so that you will convert more of your visitors into prospects and prospects into leads.

Any true partnership is based on trust; transparency is key in building that trust. PRP provides reporting on every campaign, whether social media, email, or otherwise. We give you the full, detailed picture of the connectedness of all of your campaigns, and help you discover paths for optimization along the way.

PRP delivers customized, targeted inbound campaigns that attract qualified leads and extend the reach of your story!

Administrators and other education decision-makers are bombarded with information from every direction. To rise above the cacophony, you have to sing a catchy, valuable tune to capture and keep decision-makers’ attention. 

PR with Panache! ensures that your story engages decision-makers in authentic dialogue through a myriad of channels, including your website, strategic email campaigns, marketing automation, thoughtful social media strategies, webinars, high-value content, and customized in-person events.

To make sure that your story delivers the ROI you need, we use real-time data to drive every inbound and integrated marketing decision, converting prospects into strong, sales-ready leads by connecting your story and solutions with buyers when they are ready to purchase.