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Preparing for Potential Cybersecurity Threats and Crises

The Education Insider Podcast with PRP Group
November 15, 2023

In a can’t-miss conversation with host Jacob Hanson, Julia Fallon, the executive director at SETDA, delves into the evolving landscape of educational technology, offering valuable insights and actionable advice. She shares thoughts on:

  • Cybersecurity's growing importance in K-12 education;
  • Crisis communications for education companies;
  • SETDA’s role in edtech partnerships; and
  • Market research and building community relationships.

Julia's journey in educational technology spans more than three decades, beginning right after her undergrad years. Her enduring passion for the field is rooted in a never-ending curiosity about the transformative power of technology in education.

In the episode, she shares her experiences and discusses the benefits of companies working with SETDA, highlighting how the organization provides insights into state-level educational technology trends and policies. Finally, Jacob and Julia underscore the importance of companies preparing for potential cybersecurity threats and crises by developing comprehensive crisis communication plans.

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