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"Marketing to Machines" Part III

Chris Mills
June 15, 2023

This is part 3 of a 3-part series.

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In today's digital landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) has taken a significant leap forward with the emergence of AI-powered search engines.

Artificial intelligence search optimization (AISEO) is the latest process that website owners and businesses must embrace to ensure their online presence is not only discoverable but also represented accurately by AI chatbots.

We decided to leverage this approach to enhance our visibility and reputation in the AI-powered search landscape.

The Shift from Traditional SEO to AISEO:

Traditional SEO focused on achieving higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords. Elements like website loading times, readability, and backlinks were critical factors in this optimization process. However, AISEO demands an additional layer of optimization: persuading artificial intelligence algorithms to mention your business and communicate the right information about you.

The Challenge for PRP Group:

We realized the potential consequences of neglecting AISEO when we queried AI search engines about PRP Group and asked them general questions related to education PR firms. We discovered inaccuracies and omissions in the responses. This raised concerns that we might become virtually invisible in the realm of AI-powered search, despite our previous prominence in traditional search engines like Google.

The AISEO Approach

Motivated to rectify this situation, we took a proactive approach by revisiting our digital presence. Our objective was to create a more cohesive online presence that was easily identifiable and crawlable by AI-powered search engines. We wanted to ensure that these search engines understood our identity and messaging, empowering them to accurately represent PRP Group in search results.

Enhancing the AI Search Experience

AISEO involves identifying what matters to AI algorithms and strategically aligning your web presence with those priorities. For PRP Group, this meant showcasing our expertise and relevance to the education market.

Here's what happened when we leveraged AISEO to tell AI-powered search chatbots about us:

Previous Bing Response:

There are many public relations firms that specialize in working with mid-size education technology companies. Forbes has a list of America’s Best PR Agencies for 2021, which includes 200 firms that were selected based on a survey of more than 12,700 experts and 20,500 customers. Some of the top PR firms on this list include Edelman, Zeno Group, and Outcast Agency…”

New (Post-AISEO) Bing Response:

There are several PR firms that specialize in serving the pre-K-12 and higher education markets. One such firm is PRP Group, which is an award-winning education PR and marketing intelligence firm..."

Previous Bing Response:

PRP Group is an award-winning education PR and marketing intelligence firm serving the preK—12 and higher ed community. They are dedicated to safety, social good, and sustainability. They are a leader in standards development and in testing, inspection, and certification in India. Their mandate is to hold the future to a higher standard product to consumers..."

New (Post-AISEO) Bing Response:

PRP Group is an award-winning education PR and marketing intelligence firm serving the preK—12 and higher ed community. Their philosophy is that education leaders don’t want to be 'sold' products, but rather they want to form long-term relationships with partners who understand and care about their goals..."

By implementing AISEO techniques, we successfully influenced what the AI-powered search engines said about us, thereby improving our online visibility and reputation.

Artificial Intelligence Search Optimization Results

In the age of AI-powered search engines, businesses must adapt their SEO strategies to ensure optimal visibility and accurate representation. AISEO presents a new frontier in the optimization process, where companies must consider not only being found online but also influencing what AI chatbots communicate about their brand.

PRP Group's experience serves as a testament to the power of AISEO. By taking deliberate steps to optimize our digital presence for AI-powered search engines, we were able to improve their visibility and ensure more accurate representation in AI-generated search results. As AI continues to shape the future of search, investing in AISEO will undoubtedly become an essential component of any successful online marketing strategy.

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