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Looking Forward to Applying My Education

August 2, 2020

By: Amanda Gans

I like to view education in a classroom as the foundation and application of that education as the walls, ceiling, and roof that make a house complete, homey, and your own. In high school, my interests lay in math, science. and language. I attribute this to both the hands-on approach in these subjects and to my amazing educators in these specific subjects. When I moved on to college, those interests in the classroom turned into curiosity and application outside of the classroom, making my education mine. I focused on three main areas:


Looking forward to applying my education


Marketing: By studying marketing, I was able to apply my love for math, problem-solving, and creativity, along with communication. After all, marketing, and specifically inbound marketing, is an art of communicating, forming connections and problem-solving. Applying my marketing skills, I was able to join various clubs and organizations where I learned about many companies, connected with many people, and had opportunities and experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise.


Spanish: My education in Spanish led me to many out-of-the box learning experiences. Having the opportunity to live in both Costa Rica and Spain, I have not only been able to communicate with people from all over the world but also embark on adventures during which I learned a lot about others and even more about myself. In both these places, I not only was able to grow and use my Spanish skills, but also foster my curiosity in other subjects such as culture, history, art, and others. When I applied the Spanish I had learned in the classroom, a whole new world opened up for me. 


Sports and Recreation: As some of my biggest passions lie within health, staying active, and sports, I chose to add this to my curriculum. I have had the opportunity to apply this not only by maintaining a healthy lifestyle for myself, but also by coaching youth volleyball. I see both of these as lifelong lessons that will continue to have positive impacts on my wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.


Transitioning out of the classroom and into the working world, applying what I’ve learned is more important now than ever before. I now get to choose when, how, and where to apply myself. In other words, I get to choose what my house looks like (both figuratively and physically!) building on the foundation of my education thus far. 


As the newest member of the PRP Client Success team, here are a  few aspects I am especially excited to apply my education by:

  • Staying up-to-date with the latest education news. The way teachers and students connect is undergoing a massive upheaval as we speak, and I’m excited to see where it all leads.
  • Fostering positive relationships with our clients and contributing hands-on to impactful projects that are critical for the enrichment of each individual student and communities as a whole. 
  • Being a part of a dynamic team composed of awesome individuals with wide experiences and a wealth of knowledge about the teaching profession, the edtech industry, and life. 


At PR with Panache!, we are eagerly searching for ways to apply our expertise to help you meet your next business goal. Let’s work together to lay out the foundation of education for our youth so they, too, can apply themselves and build their house!


Thanks for sharing!

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