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Introducing Anonymous Edvisors

Chris Mills
September 28, 2023

4-3Now more than ever, PRP has a responsibility to serve our customers, prospects, and the education world in general better than we have before. At the root of this service is understanding who you’re serving, what they need or want to be successful, and how an organization can help solve challenges or contribute to their success. For the past few years, we have been working on a way to invite active administrators into our process to better understand their world holistically so we can, in turn, better serve them and earn their trust and business. 

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2-Oct-11-2023-02-54-51-8764-PMDriven by an innate desire to ensure that the members of our client family rise above the rest, we have created the Anonymous Edvisor program for each of you that are working to better serve and to more effectively build relationships with potential new customers.  

3-Oct-11-2023-02-54-51-7748-PMAnonymous Edvisors are high-level education leaders with decision-making and buying power in their schools or districts. When booking an Anonymous Edvisor session, you’ll be paired with an administrator who matches your buyer personas or ideal customer profile via an anonymous platform. They will then tell you what they think about your products and services, messaging, advertising, features, or anything else you want targeted feedback on.

We will be offering our inaugural sessions starting in late October.  Here is a sneak peek at the types of Edvisors you can book a session with:

  • “Matt,” an Ed.D. and assistant superintendent of teaching and learning at a northeastern school district, has expertise in special education, technology innovation, blended learning, and more. 
  • “Phil,” a recent Superintendent of the Year serving at a midwestern school district, specializes in DEI, gifted and talented education, professional development, and more.

1-Oct-11-2023-02-54-51-9475-PMWhile there are a number of ways education companies can get feedback from their buyers, such as focus groups or an “educator in residence,” none are quite like Anonymous Edvisors. Our Anonymous Edvisors platform is crafted to serve a unique need specific to the education market. High-level administrators like superintendents usually can’t (or won’t) provide direct, unfiltered feedback and consulting to vendors, for reasons such as conflict of interest rules. (For more about staying right with your district while consulting, check out this episode of The Education Insider Podcast).

With an Anonymous Edvisor, you get all of these competitive advantages:

  • The ability to discover innovative ideas that you wouldn’t get any other way;
  • Answers to nagging questions;
  • Solutions to problems your team can’t find their way around;
  • Better connection with and understanding of your buyers;
  • Opportunities to engage with educators from minority or other communities to gather input on the development of products and services for them or that address social issues;
  • A program that is less expensive and more on-demand than schemes such as educators in residence; and
  • The ability to replace or prepare for focus groups, interviews, surveys, or other customer feedback tools.

For more information, check out our webinar. To sign up for one of the limited seats in our Anonymous Edvisor program, sign up here

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