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Anonymous Edvisors

Connecting Decision-makers with Education Organizations through Asynchronous, Anonymous Consulting

I'm interested in becoming an Anonymous Edvisor.

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Mask group-1Anonymous Edvisors are real educators, administrators, and education leaders like you who influence purchasing decisions in pre-K-12 schools. PRP Group's Anonymous Edvisor program empowers you to apply your expertise, your passion, and your knowledge to real products and real situations all while earning income. 

Education and edtech companies large and small will have the ability to tap into your specific experience and knowledge without needing to know your identity to help them innovate solutions and get on-demand answers, insights, and honest feedback through a totally unfiltered exchange of ideas with their buyers.

We're currently recruiting leaders like you to participate in our inaugural sessions this fall. Please sign up and we'll keep you posted as we launch this after back-to-school.