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Why empathy is such an important tool for keeping families engaged

by PRP Group, on 03/13/2023

District Administration PRPAt Levy County School District, we believe that when our students have someone at home who is participating in their education and helping to keep them on target, their chances of succeeding are much greater. Building those relationships, whether it’s by greeting families at drop-off in the morning or sending them messages about classroom activities, is important for us.

As a rural district, our community is quite spread out, and we share many of the problems other districts face, such as language barriers, poverty, and transient student populations. By offering families multiple opportunities to be welcomed into the district and streamlining our communication with an eye towards reaching the families that we find most challenging to engage, we’ve been able to ensure more students have someone at home who is informed and involved in their learning. Here’s how our district’s commitment to empathy works.

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