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Want Vibrant, Engaged Teachers? Give Them Professional Freedom

by PRP Group, on 11/14/2022

EdWeek PRPThe pandemic unearthed a lot of opportunities along with all the hardships it brought. One benefit was that it has made social and emotional wellness a more mainstream topic across the board in education. As a result, teachers, principals, and other school leaders seem to be carrying a little less on their shoulders. With that weight lifted, they have been especially engaged and energetic this year, but as the world returns to something like normal, there is going to be tremendous pressure to go back to doing things the old ways, even when they weren’t the best ways. How do we recognize that and work to extend the longevity of the eagerness and energy that’s been returning to campus?

Ulster Board of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES) is a service district, so all our programs are alternatives to traditional schooling. That gives us some leeway to experiment that regular districts don’t have. Our districts can, however, look to us and the approaches we use to see what works for all students, making change a little easier for them.

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