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Video Coaching as a Tool to Retain New Teachers

by PRP Group, on 06/26/2023

edutopia prpI’m the assistant superintendent at Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Decatur Township in Indiana. Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, including an ongoing teacher shortage in many areas, we have kept highly qualified teachers in front of our students. As a result, we’ve seen a great deal of growth in our metrics, such as state testing scores and Northwest Evaluation Assessments in grades K–8. 

One of the keys to retaining teachers in our district is helping them to find a sense of belonging. Connection to their peers and administrators helps them grow and encourages them to stick around. Video coaching is a valuable tool in developing the kind of reflection that builds those bonds. Here’s how we’ve used video coaching to retain 351 teachers, about 86 percent of our faculty, over the last five years.

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