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Using Comics To Teach Science In The Library

by PRP Group, on 08/25/2021

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As a former high school and community college science teacher, I love to see students getting excited about science. As a current elementary school librarian, creating those learning opportunities can be a challenge.

At Mitchell Math and Science Elementary School, we have a fixed schedule, so I only see each class once a week. I prepare a lesson for students each week, reserving some time at the end to check out books or to have a book talk. Collaborating with students’ classroom teachers can be quite challenging because their planning time coincides with the time their students are in my classroom so we rely on catching each other in the hallways before or after faculty meetings when possible.

Recently, I’ve begun asking students to create their own comics to explore scientific concepts with students in the library. With a general understanding of each grade’s standards and what they’re learning about at various times of the year, I’ve found comics creation to be an engaging activity that gives students the opportunity to describe their own learning in the brief time we have together each week.

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