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Using Comics to Teach

by PRP Group, on 08/15/2022

Language Magazine PRPSuzanne Giacotto shows how reading and creating comics taps into how our brains learn more effectively

Over the past two centuries, as the world has benefited from globalization, the US has evolved as a monolingual country. I am currently in my fourteenth year of teaching French, and for me, the goal of language acquisition is to develop communicative, multilingual global citizens. But in many schools, an intensive world language curriculum isn’t available until high school. It was not until my arrival at GEMS World Academy Chicago, with a full international baccalaureate curriculum—from primary grades through high school—that I witnessed the power of world language as a core subject. Beginning language acquisition at the preschool level, maintaining it through 12th grade, and connecting it to real world topics is a brilliant way to teach our students a new language.

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