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This summer must be a season of learning

by PRP Group, on 06/20/2022

the edvocate prpAs students fall further behind academic expectations as a result of pandemic disruptions, we must expand summer learning opportunities and focus on those skills students need most.

By Dr. Gene Kerns

The latest How Kids Are Performing report confirms that the pandemic’s profoundly disruptive effect on education continues to be felt today. Student performance during the second year of the pandemic was lower than during the first year, which was itself much lower than normal grade-level expectations. 

And it’s no surprise. Students simply need more instructional time to continue to build momentum and growth in their learning—and some of that time will come during the summer.

Summer slide, that perennial bugaboo of educators, is untenable given where students are. The slowdown we’ve tolerated for years just isn’t acceptable in the post-pandemic world.

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