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Taking the Fear Out of Dyslexia

by PRP Group, on 10/29/2019

the edvocate prpIn honor of Dyslexia Awareness Month, an expert shares how teachers can fearlessly identify and effectively support students with the most common learning disability.

It has only been in the last decade or so that dyslexia has been recognized as a legitimate issue. In the past, dyslexia has been ignored, discounted, or morphed to fit under existing learning disabilities. With further research and clear evidence, it’s becoming not only recognized and understood but finally addressed in education. The movement is slow but powerful. States are beginning to compile handbooks, create mandates, and establish laws addressing dyslexia in education.  

As state mandates have come through requiring schools to identify students with dyslexia, educators have quickly realized that the mandates didn’t necessarily come with an instruction manual on how to support students once they were identified. If a student exhibits signs of having dyslexia, the educator’s role is to encourage parents to get a doctor’s diagnosis. If a diagnosis comes through positive, it’s an educator’s job to support this student through their journey, whether the educator is ready or not.

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