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Strategies to help K-2 students progress from special ed to general ed

by PRP Group, on 01/03/2023

Smartbrief PRPAs a K-2 special education teacher, my goal is always to help my students find their place in a general education classroom. My students have various learning challenges, ranging from those with severe autism to kids who read on grade level and just have trouble understanding what they’re reading. Here’s how I help them progress from special ed to general ed by supporting them in learning literacy, math, and even hand-eye coordination.

Building a routine that will take them from special ed to general ed

We start at the beginning of the year with Waterford Reading Academy, an adaptive learning program, getting it into their routine so they know exactly what we expect of them. They know how to log in on their own. From day one, our whole day is based on the timer on the iPad. When I have a group of kids, I can look at the time on the computer and say, “OK, we’ve got about five more minutes.” 

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