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SkillBuild is a Series of Online Courses Focused on Teaching Soft Skills

by PRP Group, on 03/27/2024

Learning CounselSkillBuild by Muzzy Lane is a series of online short courses to help higher education institutions, employers, and learners to develop, assess, and verify soft skills that are in high demand among employers.

SkillBuild courses empower learners to gain and demonstrate soft skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, oral communication, and resilience. SkillBuild uses role-playing simulations, where Muzzy Lane has long been one of the industry leaders, to provide learners with authentic, experiential learning activities. Along the way, learners are presented with real-world scenarios and asked to make choices that build on each other. As they encounter new information and see the effects of their decisions, they learn to course-correct. Simultaneously, the simulations auto-assess the learner’s mastery of each skill, so employers and educators can trust the accompanying microcredential.


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