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Simulation Training: What Is it and Where Is it Most Effective?

by PRP Group, on 06/05/2023

ETC logoSimulations are capable of providing learning and assessment opportunities no other modality can. Here’s a quick primer.

Online learning has seen explosive growth over the last few years as a result of the pandemic. Simulation training and assessment have grown right along with it. From assessing soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving to practicing complex challenges that occur in the workplace and encouraging the development of empathy for others, simulations enable educators to teach and assess learning in ways never before possible.

What is it and how does it work?

In an educational setting, simulations can be used as assessments or as learning activities featuring interactive dialogue, text, video, audio, or other assets. Requiring students to move beyond passive content consumption, simulations challenge students with difficult situations in a safe environment. By stepping into the role of a nurse, for example, a student can cognitively rehearse a hard conversation with a patient. Or, by role-playing as historical figures, students can gain an appreciation for the difficult choices that have come to shape the world they live in today.

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