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Robotics and values can be part of the same lessons

by PRP Group, on 01/17/2023

Smartbrief PRPA STEAM education expert explains how teachers can blend robotics and values, imparting lessons on generosity, perseverance and collaboration while coding.

When I was a student in Argentina in the early ’90s and told my dad I wanted  to pursue a Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab, I explained, “This is a dream.” 

And my dad said, “But MIT? You don’t like computers. Why are you going there?” 

“I’m going there because I love writing,” I told him.  

“And what’s the connection between writing and computer science?” he asked.  

“They’re both ways to create worlds to create meaning,” I replied.

How robotics and values work together

Teachers create worlds and meaning every day in the classroom by bringing not only skill-based curriculum, but a hidden curriculum: values. Values are those things we find important. When we ask students to spend precious class time on a specific lesson or project, we’re communicating to our students what we find important.

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