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Reading Horizons Discovery® Sound City helps K–2 students decode, spell, and connect speech to print

by PRP Group, on 07/04/2022

Learning Counsel PRP

Reading Horizons, a leading provider of tech-enabled foundational reading instruction for K-12 schools and districts, has expanded its flagship solution, Reading Horizons Discovery®, with the addition of Sound City. This expansion aligns with the science that informs reading development and empowers teachers to help K–2 students connect speech to print, and to decode and spell words with greater proficiency.

Reading Horizons Discovery is a foundational reading program based on a simple and effective method to help all students develop phonemic awareness, decoding, and spelling proficiency. The program includes instructional materials, interactive digital lessons, decodable books, ongoing professional learning, and now an interactive digital sound wall. Sound City provides skill assessments, review activities, and games. Features of Sound City include:


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