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Reading Horizons Discovery is a foundational literacy program based in the science of reading

by PRP Group, on 09/11/2023

The learning counselReading Horizons Discovery® is a foundational literacy program based in the science of reading. The Reading Horizons multisensory method, paired with a new tech-enabled lesson delivery system, helps educators deliver effective, evidence-based reading instruction.

The new Reading Horizons Discovery® provides engaging, accessible, grade-specific lessons and student resources to guide K–3 students towards mastery of foundational reading skills. Teacher instruction covers phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling at a developmentally appropriate pace and tightly aligns with standards and the science of reading. Real-Time Coaching embedded professional learning content streamlines planning and lesson delivery for teachers. The new program provides instant and actionable data to inform instruction, building student confidence.

The new Reading Horizons Discovery® also automatically and dynamically groups students for differentiated instruction based on continual real-time assessment data.


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