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Preparing For The Future Of Work: Anna Robinson Of Ceresa On The Top Five Trends To Watch In The Future Of Work

by PRP Group, on 09/26/2022

Hybrid/remote work. This one is likely obvious to most of your readers. The pandemic fundamentally changed our understanding of the possibilities of remote work. As I already mentioned, we now consider it fully normal to interview, teach, socialize, play games, and problem-solve through virtual connections. That is such a huge shift of what we thought was possible, let alone could ever be the norm. Most companies will have to figure out how to adapt to this, or face a considerably smaller talent pool to draw from.

There have been major disruptions in recent years that promise to change the very nature of work. From the ongoing shifts caused by the COVID19 pandemic, the impacts caused by automation, and other possible disruptions to the status quo, many wonder what the future holds in terms of employment. For example, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute estimated that automation will eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030.

To address this open question, we reached out to successful leaders in business, government, and labor, as well as thought leaders about the future of work to glean their insights and predictions on the future of work and the workplace.

As a part of this interview series called “Preparing For The Future Of Work”, we had the pleasure to interview Anna Robinson.

Anna Robinson is CEO of Ceresa, having founded the company in 2018 with the mission of closing the diversity gap in leadership through equitable access to world-class training, leadership development, and career support. The company recently received a $3M funding round led by TTCER Partners, EduLab Capital Partners, and others. Prior to Ceresa, Anna spent over a decade at McKinsey & Co, where she was a partner in the healthcare practice, driving strategy and M&A for large health systems in the US and globally. Anna has her MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and her MPhil and BA from the University of Oxford, in the UK. Anna lives in the Colorado mountains alongside her three young children, two dogs, and one long-suffering husband.

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