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Partnership Brings Emotional Check-Ins to Kids at Home

by PRP Group, on 05/15/2020

the edvocate prpNew technology allows teachers to see how kids are doing emotionally and respond with customized activities

Gainesville, FL (May 14, 2020) — Crisis teaching with students at home can hinder teacher understanding of student social-emotional needs. Across the United States, mental health and education leaders have raised accelerating concerns regarding student emotional needs and the impact on student learning. Dallas-based Rhithm has partnered with MeTEOR Education, a leader in high-impact learning environments, and the non-profit Center for College & Career Readiness to offer a free version of its emoji-based app for student social-emotional connection.

The Rhithm app uses emojis to ask students about their needs, including hunger and feelings of conflict or anger. Rhithm is a simple, daily assessment tool that allows educators to see and respond to patterns in the well-being of their students. Students use a computer, tablet, or mobile device to access the program and reflect on their mental health status by associating custom emojis with five different categories: mental, energy, emotional, physical, and social.

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