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Muzzy Lane Announces SkillBuild Critical Thinking Microcredential Course

by PRP Group, on 03/29/2024

Globe NewswireDurable skills, such as critical thinking and communication, are the most requested skills among employers, yet 89% of executives say they have difficulty finding job candidates with those skills. Muzzy Lane, a global leader in educational role-playing simulations, today announced the release of SkillBuild Critical Thinking, an online short course for learners to master critical thinking skills and earn microcredentials that will help them advance their careers.

“While most employers consider durable skills like critical thinking more important than hard skills, students may not explicitly learn these skills in school or college,” said Dave McCool, Muzzy Lane’s president and CEO. “SkillBuild engages learners of all ages in authentic experiential learning that helps them better retain and apply skills. Our new course enables employers to connect with candidates who know how to put critical thinking into action.”


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