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Iterative learning: Why our schools need to abandon compliance

by PRP Group, on 10/02/2023

District Administration PRP

The workforce that today’s students are preparing for has been changing rapidly for decades and will continue to change for years to come. According to the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs” report, an estimated 85% of the jobs that today’s grade schoolers will hold don’t even exist yet. As we have seen with the recent rise of AI, new technologies can rapidly change how people work, eliminate outdated jobs and create new ones.

At World Savvy, we believe K-12 education should be a springboard that provides students the dispositions, skills, and competencies that allow them to meet this moment of profound and rapid change. To prepare them to learn, unlearn, and relearn throughout their careers, K12 education needs to focus on competencies that will empower students to reskill and upskill as jobs change, rather than having a single strand of technical skills that they apply over and over.


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