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Improving Access for Women and Minorities in STEM

by PRP Group, on 06/20/2022

Equity and Access PRP

Here’s what educators and schools can do to help increase education and career opportunities.

By Yindra Puentes

The lack of minority women in STEM poses a number of problems in our society, not just for the women who want to break into those fields, but for the general public that stands to benefit from the advances created by women in those positions. For example, the lack of women in STEM may mean fewer medical treatments for women as a whole, since female scientists are more likely to develop treatments for women. Finding a niche in STEM can be incredibly difficult for many women, especially those who are minorities. As I have learned during my career, the good news is that students, educators, and other professionals can take steps to help change these statistics and expand career opportunities for all.

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