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I Fear I'll Never See My Son Again Thanks to His Father—What Should I Do?

by PRP Group, on 11/21/2022

newsweek-logoDear Newsweek, Four years ago, I was doing some freelance work for the local newspaper and had been working from my phone in my bedroom. My 10-year-old son and I shared a small apartment, and his video games were distracting me. I wasn't getting enough work done and asked my son's father to take him for a few extra days so I could finish my assignments. His father picked him up and I returned to work and thought my son would be back home in a few days.

However, during this time his father received a letter from the Child Support Agency summoning him to court because of the massive amount of arrears he owed. He was ordered to pay $65/month and his arrears had grown to over $1,000, so enforcement kicked in automatically. My son's father and girlfriend are both narcissists and took the letter as a personal attack. They were convinced I had reported them to the Child Support Agency. I hadn't.

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