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How using a digital house system strengthened the school-home connection

by PRP Group, on 12/27/2022

Smartbrief PRPAt Brodetsky Primary School in Leeds, England, we serve students ages 2 through 11 years old and have used a house system for 40 years. A house system — which some of you may remember was used in the Harry Potter series — provides a sense of community and offers points for accomplishments, good behavior and other things. For most of that time, we managed it on paper in our main hall, which was a logistical nightmare. Every Friday, teachers would have to add up the weekly totals for their own classroom, which often took a half hour or more, and then we’d have to update the main board manually. We loved using the houses, but administering them was a huge waste of time. A digital house system made much more sense.

Recently, we switched to CritterCoin, a digital platform that makes managing the Houses much easier. We also found that the new platform helps us reach beyond campus to better engage not just our students but their families as well. Here’s how it works.

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