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How to Start Using Data to Achieve Equity for Students

by PRP Group, on 09/22/2021

EdWeek PRP

The Morris school district is in northern New Jersey, about an hour northwest of New York City, depending on the traffic. Serving just over 5,700 kids in 10 schools, we’re small but diverse: More than 50 percent of our students are minorities, and we have a 41 percent free and reduced-price lunch rate. For us, “equity and inclusion” is not just some phrase on our website; it is deeply personal and shapes everything we do, including our technology initiatives. For instance, even before the pandemic hit, we were at nearly 100 percent access for our students to high-speed internet and devices, well ahead of the majority of schools. This history of maximizing access means we have data over a longer time period than most, but it also underscores that commitment to equity. Here’s how we use data to support our mission.

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