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How to build relationships that engage students in online math tutoring

by PRP Group, on 07/03/2023

District Administration PRPJust as in a traditional classroom, engagement in online math tutoring is the gateway between students and understanding—or even enjoying—the content they’re trying to learn. The moment a student becomes invested in learning the material, everything gets easier.

Students turn to tutoring based on a range of experiences. Some are forced into it and come with a negative attitude from the beginning and are thus already shut off to the idea. Others come for enrichment, to dive deeper than they can go in the classroom.

If they’re spending time with a tutor, whether it’s because they are struggling or because they want more challenge, they may already have a hard time engaging in class, if they ever had been. As a teacher who’s worked in both traditional and virtual classrooms and as an online math tutor, here’s how I engage my students and do my best to instill a love of math.

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