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How To Build a Computer Science Curriculum with Existing Staff

by PRP Group, on 05/10/2022

The Journal PRPA Career and STEM Academy Director Shares How Her District Responded to a State Mandate By Collaborating with Teachers and Students

Students will need computer science and STEM skills throughout their education and career, regardless of what future career field they choose. With this in mind, the state of Indiana mandated that schools offer computer science for all K–12 students starting last year.

At Barr-Reeve Community Schools, we didn’t have the resources to build a computer science curriculum from scratch. Nevertheless, we created a program that not only meets the requirements of the mandate, but also gets teachers and students excited about learning. We learned a number of lessons along the way, but the biggest takeaway was this: You can transform your curriculum and provide students with the computer science skills they need, often with the teachers and tools you already have in the classroom.

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