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How Changing District Culture Improved Math Scores

by PRP Group, on 03/20/2023

EdWeek PRPWhen our students’ math scores weren’t where we wanted them to be at the Meriden public schools, we hired a new director of school leadership to overhaul our math instruction. We also worked to overhaul the culture across our entire district. Not only did we improve our math scores, we did it throughout the pandemic and its aftermath, when most schools were seeing declines in math achievement. Here’s how we did it.

Fostering a Mutually Supportive Learning Community

Teachers need data to effectively differentiate instruction for students, but tracking that data down isn’t always easy. We don’t want our teachers going on fishing expeditions when they could better spend their time supporting students, so we give them any relevant data we have at the district level to help them get an understanding of where students are and what their needs are.

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