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How a Shift from Procedural to Conceptual Understanding Improved Math Scores

by PRP Group, on 07/10/2024

The learning counselAt Clint Independent School District, we recognized the need to help our elementary students develop a conceptual understanding of math. We decided to focus on conceptual understanding because it helps students transfer their math skills to new problems far more readily than procedural knowledge. We also wanted them to be able to work both independently and with a teacher on skills they needed to review. Here’s how our transition toward a more conceptual approach to teaching and learning math built excitement and improved test scores.

Putting Resources to Work to Deepen Learning
The math program we use for our Tier I instruction focuses on the concrete-representational-abstract (CRA) process. Our supplemental resource uses puzzles to visually represent math concepts and challenges. The use of visual puzzles rather than language to illustrate ideas and pose challenges makes it a great fit for all students, including those who are learning English. 


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