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How 7 educators are accelerating summer learning

by PRP Group, on 06/20/2022


Summer learning doesn't have to be a drag--here's how educators are creating engaging and educational programs for their students

The pandemic has augmented concerns about learning loss, leading many schools and districts to examine their summer learning programs and help students strengthen progress in various academic areas.

Here’s how seven educators are tackling summer learning in fun and engaging ways for their students.

Accelerating Learning Through Fun

At Brooklyn Preschool of Science, our six-week summer session is geared for 2- to 4-year-olds. From September through June, we teach one physical science or life science theme per month. In the summer, we focus on a theme a week to create an intensive, comprehensive, and condensed version of the themes children love, like Superhero Science and Roar Roar Dinosaur.

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