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Glose Education Launches at FETC 2020 Offering Social, Collaborative Reading

by PRP Group, on 01/15/2020

January 15, 2020 (Miami, Fla.) — Glose SAS, the innovative company behind the social and collaborative reading platform Glose, today announced the launch of Glose Education, an adaptive reading and learning platform for students and teachers. Glose Education empowers students and teachers to discover, read, and share books, as well as engage with other readers.

With more than half a million users, Glose SAS is a worldwide leader in social and collaborative digital reading. Glose Education, which is making its debut in the U.S. K-12 education market at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), was built with input from students and educators in middle schools, high schools, and universities.

Nicolas Princen, founder and CEO of Glose SAS, said, “Glose Education evolved from the enthusiasm of educators using Glose in their secondary and post-secondary classrooms. Teachers are charged with finding new ways to engage their students, and they’ve been adamant that Glose is helping them in ways they never thought possible. We are thrilled at the response and humbled by the opportunity to help teachers throughout the world.”

Glose Education is a collaborative and personalized digital reading platform for use in classrooms, schools, libraries, and at home. Offering access to more than one million e-books, Glose Education fosters a social, fun, and engaging reading experience. Drawing on the familiarity and benefits of safe social networking, the platform empowers students to read and comprehend both on their own and with their peers. They can read, discover, annotate, and share text with other students. For instance, students can provide responses to reading passages with emojis, highlight their favorite parts, and pose questions to their peers and teachers.

Educators can create virtual book clubs and leveled reading groups, provide an engaging, adaptive reading experience with writing prompts and discussion starters, and see precisely how each student is interacting with the text. With access to real-time, meaningful data, school leaders can make informed decisions while creating a curated digital library that their students can access anytime, anywhere.

Glose Education is available on iOS, Android, and the web, while also allowing for offline usage in order to ensure equitable access for all. Students and teachers can get started with access to thousands of free e-books, with more than one million titles available on the enterprise edition for schools and districts.

FETC attendees can connect with Glose at booth #1435j in the Start-Up Pavilion.

About Glose
Founded in 2014, with offices in Paris, France, and New York City, Glose creates the reading experience of tomorrow for the readers of today. The company’s mission is to harness the inspiration that reading sparks by allowing everyone to keep, share, and discuss those moments. Glose provides a personalized reading platform that features a digital library, a social network of readers, and a user-friendly, customizable reading interface. The platform is available for iOS and Android, and on the web. Learn more at

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