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For Future Medical Professionals: Empathy and Teamwork are Essential

by PRP Group, on 04/30/2022

Healthcare today

Meeting Patient Distrust with Empathy

Due to a combination of misinformation and some unfortunate instances of bad medical practice, some patients oppose the treatment options they’re given or believe their doctors are hiding things from them. These encounters can be frustrating; however, it is essential to cultivate the skill of awareness and non-judgmental response. Awareness entails recognizing the natural emotional response (for example, a feeling of anger that arises when one’s skill and experience are unfairly challenged). Non-judgmental response entails harnessing a level of presence that allows for rising above the impulsive desire to become defensive or engage in an argument. The next step, however, can be even more challenging: cultivating patience and showing empathy for the patients who challenge us most.

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