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Focused Learning for Mastering the MBE (w/Ryan Zajic from UWorld)

by PRP Group, on 02/20/2023

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 10.01.30 AMWelcome back to the Bar Exam Toolbox podcast! Today, we're excited to have Ryan Zajic from UWorld on the podcast to discuss how you can use the platform to prep for the bar exam. We also share general tips to keep in mind during your bar study.

Note: If you're interested in checking out UWorld for yourself, you can use the coupon code BTUWORLD10 for 10% off the purchase price.

In this episode, we discuss:

Ryan's background and his work in bar prep What the UWorld platform offers to bar studiers and what sets it apart from other bar prep tools How many MBE questions should students target doing during their bar prep? How Themis Bar Review has changed for students since it was acquired by UWorld Ryan's three pieces of advice when it comes to studying for the bar.

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