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Educator well-being training online has positive ripple effects

by PRP Group, on 11/07/2022

Smartbrief PRPTeacher burnout and stress are skyrocketing as results of the past two years of chaos and pressure from the pandemic. Expectations are high for educators to bridge the learning gap, and students are behind because of the disruption of the past two years. More than ever, these students who are struggling need educators to empathize and support them as they overcome their challenges. But teachers can’t pour from an empty cup. They need to put their own mental health on the front burner — and build their educator well-being — if they are going to support student well-being. As the dean of students at a Minnesota public school, I’m a better teacher and school leader when I am focused on my own mental wellness. 

An inner coach to aid educator well-being

This summer, I invested in my mental health by taking a self-paced online course on educator self-care and resilience training from EmpowerU. It offered positive, forward-thinking skills and strategies that are supported by a one-on-one coach. Each evening, I would work on a 15- to 20-minute lesson that led me through a new concept or taught me a new strategy. The personalized instructional path kept my focus on changes and goals to increase my resilience.


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